DIS 2012 welcomes submissions from a broad range of researchers and practitioners within the field of interactive systems design research and practice.

DIS 2012 in an interdisciplinary conference, encompassing all issues related to the design and deployment of interactive systems. We reflect this broad engagement with the field by encouraging submissions that consider the following:

  • Contexts: Places, people, communities, events, and phenomena
  • Values: Experience, aesthetics, engagement, empowerment, health, wellbeing, designing things that matter, sustainability, and diversity
  • Processes: Methods tools and techniques for engaging people, researching, designing, and co-designing interactive systems.
  • Technologies: Sensors and actuators, mobile devices, multi touch and touchless interaction, social media, personal, community, and public displays

Submission Instructions

All submissions should be formatted using the DIS 2012 Word template. LaTeX is not officially supported, but you may use the CHI 2012 template if neccessary. Please do not use any other LaTeX template.

Papers should be anonymised for peer review and submitted using the DIS 2012 PCS system.

For more detailed instruction, including deadlines, see the submission categories above.