DIS workshops provide an opportunity to build communities and discussion around specific issues and topics within the field of interactive systems design. They are a fantastic venue for collaboratively constructing knowledge, as well as sharing knowledge between interdisciplinary researchers working on a particular issue. To take advantage of the opportunities for learning provided by workshops, organisers should seek to create an atmosphere that facilitates discussion and debate.

DIS Workshops are held at the start of the conference on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th June. Workshops can either be one, or two days in length. Those proposing workshops should aim to attract between 15 - 30 participants, and plan for around six working hours per workshop day, with scheduled morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

Newcastle University and Culture Lab regularly work with the local community on important issues, such as healthcare, education, and political engagement. If your proposed workshops feeds into issues that could have relevance to the local community then please contact the workshop chairs to see what links and collaborations they can help you establish to bring your workshop into the wild.

Preparing and Submitting a Workshop Proposal Workshops need to be proposed to the DIS 2012 workshop committee via PCS.

Workshop proposals should be formatted using DIS 2012 template and should contain:

Important Dates

Workshop Chairs

Ellen Do, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Madeline Balaam, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK